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Gamblin Black aka Ri Bussey

Ri Bussey is a non-binary archival Hoodoo interdisciplinary trauma informed artist, writer and educator from Cobbs Creek, Philly. Bussey has a deep care for self narrative work, grief, housing and disability justice. Their collaborative film with Abdul-aAliy A. Muhammad, titled, “#MEDSTRIKE, Confronting the Nonprofit Industrial Complex” (commissioned by Visual AIDS), recently screened at “ENDURING CARE” (Montreal, CA) with a world premiere in over 100 countries released on December 1st, 2021. Bussey received their BFA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with concentrations in Printmaking and Applied Digital Arts. Recently Bussey experienced their first international residency, Officina Stamperia del Notaio in Tusa, Sicily. Bussey’s practice spans photo, prose, printmaking, painting, and video. Offers a dialogue with their personal & inherited archive, disability, sexuality, death, living spaces, magic and memory. Black spaces are portals. Reflecting on technology and print as a function in keeping, sharing and remembering. Bussey has exhibited locally, nationally and internationally along with two solo shows in their emerging artist career.

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